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The Worst of Nolan’s Trilogy

Although Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is likely the best franchise that was ever made about the caped crusader, I must say that the finale of the series certainly was not the greatest of the three films.  In fact, I might even be willing to entertain the argument that Tim Burton’s Batman (1989) was actually a better depiction of the caped crusader than was The Dark Knight Returns.  The main issue that I have with this particular film is the character of Bane.  I realize that Nolan was attempting to give a more real-world film to Gotham City in his trilogy, but Bane’s character in this movie left a whole lot to be desired.

This could just be the fan boy in me talking, but Bane is the type of character who is not only extremely intelligent, but also has out of this world superhuman strength due to the venom toxin that he pumps into his body.  Now, one might argue that because Nolan was looking to give his Gotham City a more real-world feel to it, it would have been impossible to portray Bane as a villain who grows enormously in size and strength any time he pumps this chemical into his body.  However, considering the widespread use of different kinds of steroids in the real world, it would not require to much of a suspension of disbelief in order for the audience to believe that he could have invented something more potent.

Even worse than that, however, is the fact that Bane is not portrayed with anything near the intelligence of the Bane of the comic books.  This is extremely disappointing, as the film’s Bane is basically just a muscle head who beats people up.  While this film was not horrible, it was the worst of Nolan’s trilogy.